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Low doc home loans and no doc mortgages

No doc mortgages and low doc home loans are becoming increasingly popular, not just in Perth, but across Australia, especially with self employed individuals and contractors.

As the names suggest, low doc home loans and no doc mortgages require less documentation, which is handy if you’re self employed or a contractor who will struggle to provide sufficient proof of income, debts and so on.

Low or no doc versus full doc

Although generally easier to secure, reduced documentation loans aren’t always the best way to go for homebuyers in Perth. Lenders will usually charge a higher interest rate or additional fees because there is a higher perceived risk.

In most cases you will be better off with a full doc loan because they are cheaper in the long run, but you should always explore all the mortgage options. Contact our home loan brokers in Perth to discuss the range of low doc home loans and no doc mortgages available.


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